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I am a restlessness inside a stillness inside a restlessness. -Dodie Smith
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31st-Dec-2012 07:02 pm - WELCOME. Sticky post.
HP trio


The sole reason for this journal is for my writing.
Fanfiction, little stories, ideas of stories... blah, in other words.
If you'd like to read all of that, then by all means, add me!
New entries will be PUBLIC for a time, but then they will be LOCKED.
These non-public entries will be available to you if I choose to friend you. Simple as that.
You get kudos and a better chance of being added to this journal by commenting!

Feed me inspiration, I crave it ever so dearly.

5th-Jun-2011 12:55 pm - Updates!
HP trio
Hello! It's been a long time. Almost a year. I have some updates!

+ There to Comfort Me | A Hunger Games fanfic. (Feel free to leave reviews at fanfic.net!) This is, by far, my most popular fanfic to date. It's the thing I have written most recently and it has so much heart in it. Or at least, so much of my heart, as I was torn up and completely invested in it as I wrote. Only one chapter has been completed but I've been hounded for more. I couldn't get to writing one through the school year --university classes are consuming-- but the summer will bring the second chapter, and hopefully a third. The thing you have to remember is that I'm not just writing this for me, or even the reader, but before I can post it I have to look over the writing countless times to see that I've done Suzanne Collins justice. I want it to seem like it's a part of the Hunger Games world, a moment in time left un-detailed. 
+ Secret Keeper | An original. First off, I have named one of the main characters: the one I originally called "RP" (Sabreana's love interest) is now Merrick. "TJ" and the villain are still unnamed. This whole story is definitely in the beginnings, although I already know a lot of the main plot details. Stuff is going down. Also, it seems months ago that I wrote a piece of the beginning that 
I thought I'd shareCollapse )
+ Dragon's Wake | An original. Oh goodness. I  think I started writing this when I was 13 years old. I haven't gone back to edit it much but I think I'm finally going to get there. Once I find the document, anyhow. That will be difficult seeing as I've switched computers and my external harddrive piece-of-crap doesn't want to cooperate with me. But I'll do what I can. If my writing could entrance people back then, surely I could do something with it now!

That's all I can muster for the time being, but thanks for reading! I'm open to suggestions. If anyone wants a oneshot for a fandom maybe I could pull it together and that would really get my writing juices flowing.
14th-Aug-2010 02:00 am - a heart is racing
Natalie Portman

So long, no see! I've been busy with classes and family tragedy and nonsense but all along I've been throwing about some drabbles here and there. This one I've been somewhat stuck to and I thought I might post a rough, uneditted snippet. These are the exact words I typed out as they flew into my head one night.

TITLE: None but for the time being I'm running with "Secret Keeper"
LENGTH: 3,953 words
WARNINGS: Minor sexuality, mild language
BACKGROUND: It is in the late 21st century. Sabreana's hometown has been pillaged and she has been kidnapped by government men, only to be rescued by the elusive Vivaldi and the handsome RP. She doesn't know who of her town has survived, why she was saved, or who her rescuers are, but it's clear there's much in store for her.
SHORT SUMMARY: Sabreana knows that keeping secrets from RP is no longer safe, as he is her only remaining ally. She intends to confront him and clear the air so that they can both be on the same page. But then, Bree never was one to anticipate the possibility of feelings getting in the way.
NOTE: This is NOT the beginning, but a piece from within the story. Some characters need to be explained. There is one unnamed character, whom we shall refer to in this snippet as "RP", and he is the newfound and passionate lover. The other unnamed character, whom we shall refer to here as "TJ", is the guy Bree has harbored feelings for for years, though the feelings were unrequited. Sabreana Kendini (who goes by Bree) is 19 years old and thrust into a difficult situation. She is the protagonist, and yes, she is a Mary Jane. Go figure. As for Vivaldi, I can reveal nothing about him at the moment, except that he is a traditional man living in a castle that he has kept up to date, and his character is vital to the plot and very mysterious.



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